First stop – Phoenix, Arizona

It was a treat to join these industry legends Bob Davis, Gene Geiger and Paul Lage.

Last week I had the opportunity to be among “Legends” – promotional products industry legends that is: Bob Davis, MAS, Paul Lage, MAS, Gene Geiger, MAS, and facilitator Joel Schaffer, MAS.  I was a panelist at a “Future of the Industry” education session at the AzPPA Expo and because there I was there sitting second from the right  I got referred to as a “legend” as well.

When they first started promoting the program it was Industry Superstars which made me uncomfortable enough.  After all, I was the only one on the panel – and probably in the entire room – that never made or sold a promotional product.  I sensed that legend was a bit over the top even for the others although they come closest to the true meaning of the word.

Being a panelist with four of my industry ‘heroes,’ yes heroes is a better word, was fun. They are incredibly quick, bright, intelligent, thoughtful and wickedly funny.  When Gene Geiger, deep in debate with Paul Lage, deadpanned from an old “Saturday Night Live” Weekend Update skit, “Paul, you ignorant slut,” I thought I was going to lose it.

Joel Schaffer did a super job of keeping everyone in line and asking relevant questions. It was good to be around two 2012 Hall of Fame inductees, Bob Davis and Paul Lage, and to spend time with my someday-to-be-hall-of-fame heroes Joel Schaffer and Gene Geiger.

Kudos to show chair Molly Ginnish, AzPPA president Bruce Perryman and the entire AzPPA team for a successful education session and show.

2 responses to “First stop – Phoenix, Arizona

  1. Paul, a pleasure meeting you at the AzPPA event. I was rolling laughing with some of the comments that were made. The legends panel was both informative and entertaining, quite an accomplishment! And yes, I agree… Molly and Bruce… wonderful work organizing the show. Regional shows are so important to developing and strengthening relationships within our industry. I say this repeatedly, but the promotional products industry is comprised of some of the most intelligent and innovative people I have ever met. It’s these dynamic personalities — such as yourself, Gene, Paul, etc. — that truly make this industry what it is. Thank you (all of you) for taking the time to do what you do.

  2. “Epic” was the word I’ve used to describe this Professional Development event held at the 2011 AZPPA Showcase. To all of the attendees, panelists, moderator, Show Planners and AZPPA Professional Development Committee : Thank You!

    Another shining example of the PPAI and Regional Associations “Regional Affiliate Program” at work, assisting in the growth of our Professionals.

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