A Visit With Friends From North of the Border

The PPAI director team, Chairman Eric Ekstrand, MAS, and I met with Carol De Ville, MAS, PPPC chair; Robert Spector, incoming chair; and Ed Ahad, president/CEO, today at PPAI headquarters in Irving. PPAI has always had a strong relationship with the volunteers, staff and members of Promotional Product Professionals Canada (PPPC) dating back to my predecessor’s predecessor H. Ted Olson.  Olson, and then PPAI past president Steve Slagle, paved the way for today’s first-time strategic meeting between the two organizations.

Ed Ahad, has been in his role as president/ceo for less than two years so we’re both sensitive to the challenges and opportunities that come with changes to the senior leadership.

On the agenda for today: an overview of each other’s major programs and services, competitive challenges and opportunities to collaborate on existing and new products and services.

Tomorrow’s agenda includes presentations from PPAI’s department directors and more brainstorming. I am particularly interested in PPPC’s newly launched Member Rewards program and, dare I speak it, successful hosted end buyer program held on the third day of their national convention in Toronto.

2 responses to “A Visit With Friends From North of the Border

  1. I’m just getting started in the Promotional Products / Ad Specialties business and look forward to learning all I can from you guys. Thanks!

  2. Paul you are one heck of a leader! Thank you for being who you are and for being PPAI’s president/ceo! You inspire all of us here at HQ!

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