Your Help Is Needed Now

I want to give you a little heads up on an Action Alert we will be sending to all members later today. A preview of the message is below. Your help on this is very much appreciated.

There is growing concern in D.C. that legislators may consider measures that threaten the status of independent contractors in the industry.

Please contact your members of Congress right now and tell them to consider how this legislation would negatively impact this industry, your business and your livelihood. Do Not Put This Off—Take Action Today. 

Action Required:
You need to communicate with your members of Congress. Because mail no longer gets through to Congressional offices in a timely fashion, it is essential that you call, e-mail and fax your Representatives and be sure to identify yourself as a constituent in the e-mail header:

1. Call your members of Congress using this phone script.
2. E-mail your members of Congress.
3. Fax: Visit PPAI’s legislative software online and use the zip code search engine on the site to access your Representative’s website. You will find the fax number there.

For industries in which there is a debate about whether individuals who provide services to a business are employees or independent contractors, there is a provision in the U.S. tax law known as Section 530 that provides safe harbors for the use of independent contractors in industries, such as the promotional products industry, that had traditionally engaged independent contractors. Section 530 also prevents the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) from writing rules on how to classify individuals as independent contractors or employees.

A proposal to raise revenue that does away with Section 530 could:

  • re-classify many independent contractors as employees by the IRS
  • end the use of independent contractors in the promotional products industry
  • force some independent contractors to stop running their own small businesses and start working for someone else

Contact your members of Congress now! No matter what the nature of the conversation, follow up the phone call with written communication by fax or e-mail. Please share copies of your correspondence with PPAI. We would also appreciate any report on the results of your efforts.

Questions, comments, concerns? Contact PPAI Public Affairs.

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