A Day At The PSI Show

A guest post from PPAI board member, Rod Brown, CAS:

 It’s hard, after 33 years as a promotional products guy, to get excited again but walking the halls of the PSI Show in Dusseldorf today was a great energizer. Paul Bellantone, president of our U.S. trade association, PPAI; Steven Meyer, PPAI chairman and David Natinsky, president of SAGE, the online search and presentation tool for our trade, walked the floor with me. The merchandising, displays and professional, smartly dressed and prepared people impressed me and also fired me up. The show attracts some 20,000 people from more than 50 countries and the selection, marketing and vendors all combined to make me feel more proud of our profession.

What I need to synthesize out of this now, is how to share the experience with our MadeToOrder team and with our clients. I would love to bring our clients to the show, but that is for another post. For now, I am excited to work another day (and night) making new connections, new friends and new professional relationships.

Gute Nacht,

Rod Brown, CAS

2 responses to “A Day At The PSI Show

  1. Thank you Rod, Steve, Paul, and David for all you are doing for our industry. It’s refreshing to hear about your excitement and energy as a result of this experience.

  2. I had the opportunity to attend PSI in 2008, and found it yes, refreshing. To see how they take the interaction and experience with customers to the next level with their displays and welcoming spaces. Dusseldorf is also, positioned very well in the center of the EU for transportation to and from points all throughout Europe.

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