A Million Dollar Birthday Gift

Thanks to Sara Besley, PPEF Foundation Manager, for her contribution to this post.

In 1978, the employees of the Walter W. Cribbins Company had a simple idea. They wanted to honor their boss, Carl Rosenfeld, by establishing an educational fund in his name. That simple birthday gift resulted in $10,000 in contributions dedicated to educational purposes. In order to ensure the continuation of the fund, Mr. Rosenfeld wisely contributed the fund to SAAI (the predecessor to PPAI) and the promotional products industry’s Education Foundation was born.

The first Four-Year college scholarships were awarded in 1989 under the guidance of the CAS/MAS Alumni Association. That year, six recipients were awarded $2,000 scholarships with $500 payments to be received for four years.

Flash forward to 2012 as the Promotional Products Education Foundation will go over the $1 million mark in cumulative scholarship awards when this year’s scholarships are announced in May. For more information about the $100,000 to be awarded this year, visit www.ppef.us before the March 15th deadline.

I’m guessing that Carl Rosenfeld would be amazed at this news. I’m sure that many of the thousands of people who have supported PPEF with donations over the years are also amazed, thrilled and proud! I know I am. Whether you have bought a raffle ticket, participated in a golf event, joined the Century Club or contributed to the Tomorrow Fund, YOU have made a difference to the industry and its families.

This brings to mind the following quote by Margaret Mead:  “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

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