Brands Gain Clients and Improve Profits

If you are a Distributor and you want to learn how you can expand your business, take fifteen minutes to learn how selling brand name products to your clients for their incentive and recognition programs can take your business to the next level. On behalf of IMA’s Promotional Product Provider Education Task Force, fellow promotional products consultant and PPAI member Sean Roark CPIM, PromoPros, a Certified Professional of Incentive Management, will show you how selling Brands can enhance your promotional product business.

CLICK HERE to watch the informative video.

If you are in the Houston area on May 2, 2012, Sean will be presenting “How to Sell Incentives” LIVE at the Houston Promotional Products Association monthly meeting. I promise you this is a business building session you will not want to miss.

CLICK HERE to see “How to Sell Incentives” LIVE at HPPA

Here’s a bit more information about Sean Roark and his presentation “How to Sell Incentives”

Sean Roark, an HPPA member who, along with his wife Leslie, owns Houston-based PromoPros, Inc., will be sharing how Incentive Programs can increase business with existing customers, open doors to new clients, and significantly improve your business’ bottom line.  The session will look at how incentive programs are similar to promotional product campaigns, how they are different, and what it takes to give the same high level of service to an incentive customer that you currently provide to your ad specialty clients.  There will be an overview of different incentive, appreciation, and recognition programs as well as a discussion of how you can use Brand-named merchandise as a terrific strategic tool to expand your existing book of business.

Here’s what industry leaders are saying about Sean’s video and presentation:

“Developing and delivering incentive programs to new and existing clients can be a tremendous opportunity for promotional consultants to build business and stronger client relationships.  I know of few industry professionals that have embraced and capitalized on this opportunity as well as Sean Roark of PromoPros.  Sean is an experienced and successful practitioner and knowledgeable mentor and teacher.  Attending Sean’s session is a worthwhile investment that will kick-start entry into this profitable marketplace.”    

Paul Bellantone, CAE – President/CEO, Promotional Products Association International (PPAI)

“Stop, listen, and grab something to take notes, because Sean Roark has made the transformation from promotional product person to incentive expert.  He is among the proven few, and best of all, is willing to share.”

Mark Repkin, CPIM – Vice-President, The Certif-A-Gift Company

“Understanding incentives is an important opportunity for distributors to serve new and existing customers, and learning about how to position yourself in this marketplace is a great topic.” 

Timothy M. Andrews – President/CEO, Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI)

 “Learn how to take your business to the next level! Earn more money! Sean Roark shares his first-hand experience to help you expand your promotional products business into the world of incentives.”

Dave Peer, CPIM – President, Hinda Incentives

“Most of us would bend down to pick up a $20 bill from the sidewalk.  But promotional products distributors are ignoring much more than that when they fail to assist their clients with branded merchandise and/or incentive programs.  Sean has built a fabulous “how-to” guide for helping the distributor get comfortable with the concept of incentives, rewards, and recognition.  And it comes from a peer—someone who’s been there, and doing that.”

Pete Mitchell – Director, B-to-B Sales, Samsonite LLC

“Sean Roark is one of the first promotional product distributors to earn the Certified Professional of Incentive Management (CPIM) certification.  Sean recognized he could significantly expand PromoPros’ advertising specialty business through selling safety and other incentive programs to his clients, and has generously condensed his experience into a fast-paced presentation for fellow distributors to help them understand the potential the incentive marketplace offers.”

Karen Renk, CAE – Executive Director, Incentive Marketing Association (IMA)

“Sean Roark provides sound knowledge and insight regarding the integration of incentives and the long-term benefits that can be realized.  Sean is on point with his message and provides practical lessons from his experience with PromoPros.  The message is expertly delivered with a contagious, positive attitude.  Sean’s session is highly recommended.”

Jeff Edwards – Vice-President, Quality Incentive Company

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