Promotional Products + Technology = Success

Last month, I had the opportunity to facilitate a panel at an American Advertising Federation district meeting in Nashville. The panel focused on the use of ‘traditional’ promotional products in an age of technology-focused marketing. One of the panelists, from an agency representing the Jack Daniels Distillery account, spoke the power of the iconic Jack Daniels wall calendar and how they’ve integrated technology into the product through the use of monthly QR codes and feedback mechanisms. Impressive.

Earlier this week I was forwarded this following news article and link on the Tim Hortons chain’s use of coffee sleeves imprinted with Tim Hortons logo, QR codes and headlines from Twitter feeds.

We are all aware of the power of promotional products as a stand-alone branding tool. This story speaks to the exponential success brands can achieve when teaming a promotional product with other forms of advertising.

I hope you enjoy the read and video (click on headline and story, below).

A Newsy Coffee Sleeve

A cup of coffee and the newspaper go well together, so to increase the readership of the Gulf News in Dubai, Y&R teamed up with coffee chain Tim Hortons to deliver customers the day’s news along with their java. A special coffee sleeve printer hooked up to Twitter to print headlines from the newspaper’s Twitter feed every hour, while a QR code accompanied the headline so customers could scan it to read the full story on the Gulf News website.

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