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PPB’s 2012 Greatest Companies To Work For

They are suppliers and distributors, young and are old, large and small, US and Canada-based. PPB’s annual search to find the best industry employers turned up 106 companies recommended by their highly satisfied employees. Twelve were selected for special recognition.

Here’s the listing of the top twelve – in alphabetical order – for special recognition. Want to know how they reached this milestone? Read the May issue of PPB Magazine to learn more!

Akran Marketing (UPIC: AKRAN)

Category: Distributor

Location(s): Ottawa, Ontario

Number of employees/contractors: 55

Years in business: 14


Ariel Premium Supply, Inc. (UPIC: ARIEL)

Category: Supplier

Location(s): St. Louis, Missouri

Number of employees/contractors: 110 (office, customer service, production and warehouse)

Years in business: 19


BrandVia Alliance Inc. (UPIC: BRANDVIA)

Category: Distributor

Location(s): San Jose, California (corporate headquarters) with satellite offices in Phoenix and Monterey, Newport Beach, San Francisco and Santa Rosa, California

Number of employees/contractors: 58

Years in business: Nine


Commotion Promotions, Ltd. (UPIC: IDEASTAR)

Category: Distributor

Locations: Phoenix (corporate headquarters) with offices in Boston; Costa Mesa, California; Dallas; Los Angeles/Studio City area; New York City; and Seattle

Number of employees/contractors: 30

Years in business: 28


HALO Branded Solutions (UPIC: HBS)

Category: Distributor

Location(s): Sterling, Illinois with sales offices in Baltimore; Chatsworth, California; Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio; Culver City, California; Denver; Houston; Kansas City; Nashville; Orlando; St. Louis, Missouri; and Tulsa

Number of employees/contractors: 510 employees (250 support employees, 260 sales employees); 500 independent contractors

Years in business: 60


iClick (UPIC: IClic342)

Category: Supplier

Location(s): Seattle

Number of employees/contractors: 53

Years in business: 10


Jack Nadel International (UPIC: NADELINC)

Category: Distributor

Location(s): Culver City, California (corporate headquarters) with satellite offices in Phoenix; Fresno, Irvine/Orange County, Palo Alto, Pleasanton, Sacramento and San Diego, California; Denver; Westport and Norwalk, Connecticut; Atlanta; Chicago; New York City and Long Island, New York; Portland; Houston; Salt Lake City; London; Athens; and Hong Kong

Number of employees/contractors: More than 200

Years in business: 59


JournalBooks/Timeplanner Calendars (UPIC: journals)

Category: Supplier

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Number of employees/contractors: 120

Years in business: 42


PSA Worldwide Corp. (UPIC: PSAW0001)

Category: Distributor

Location(s): Colorado Springs, Colorado

Number of employees/contractors: 15

Years in business: 17


Raining Rose, Inc. (UPIC: Raini224)

Category: Supplier

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Number of employees/contractors: 110

Years in business: Nine


Spartan Promotional Group Inc. (UPIC: SPAR0001)

Category: Distributor

Location(s): Oakdale, Minnesota (headquarters) with offices in Minneapolis and Tempe, Arizona

Number of employees/contractors: 100

Years in business: 46


Sunflower Marketing, Division of M-C Industries, Inc. (UPIC: SUNF0001)

Category: Distributor

Location(s): Topeka, Kansas (corporate headquarters) with offices in Overland Park, Kansas, and Geneva, Nebraska

Number of employees/contractors: 400

Years in business: 33