Growing Our Share Of The Advertising Spend

If you’ve attended any of my Town Hall presentations in the past year, then you know our ongoing focus has been on demonstrating the power and effectiveness of promotional products as an advertising medium. Our research reveals that of the 14 competitive media PPAI tracks, only three grew faster than promotional products. It follows then that, rather than equip industry professionals to merely compete with one another, PPAI’s efforts should focus on helping our industry professionals compete against other media.

To bolster this effort, I am giving you a sneak peek of an article to be featured in May’s PPB magazine that does just that. The attached article, “Take A Bite Out Of Other Media,” written by our industry’s own Paul Kiewiet, MAS, CIP, CPC, will be one of several in a series of columns and education sessions that teach you how to position yourselves and your businesses against traditional forms of media.

For those of you attending Expo East in May, we will also be offering the live session, “Stealing Business From Other Forms of Media,” presented by Joseph Scott, MAS. I encourage you and your marketing and sales teams to attend this session, where you will learn to identify nonperforming and underperforming media and convert your clients’ dollars to promotional products sales.

This is just the beginning… Over the coming months PPAI will continue to develop and deliver compelling content to help you grow your business while helping our industry grow its share of the total advertising spend.

I hope you enjoy the article and education sessions and I look forward to hearing your feedback.

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