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August – The Perfect Time for Local Legislative Advocacy

PPAI has a long history of advocating for our $18.5 billion industry.  We are the collective voice for more than 33,000 businesses employing nearly 500,000 professionals.

If you’ve read my past blogs, followed the successes of our Government Relations Action Council (GRAC) or read Marc Simon’s Chairman’s Letters in PPB magazine, you know that legislative advocacy continues to be the cornerstone in our effort to build the visibility, viability and credibility of our industry.

Advocacy at the local, state and federal level is essential in advancing the promotional products industry and supporting policy that helps small businesses grow. 

 Through direct and indirect lobbying efforts, lobbyists in Washington, DC, member visits, letter writing, email and call campaigns, PPAI maintains an aggressive advocacy program designed to:

  • Educate and inform legislators of the value and power of promotional products
  • Promote our industry’s role as an economic engine for businesses throughout the United States and globally
  • Enable businesses and organizations of all sizes and industries to capitalize on the reach, recall and return on investment only achieved by a tangible, long-lasting and memorable advertising medium — promotional products

As PPAI Chairman Marc Simon noted in his February 2013 PPB Chair’s letter, “Many people discount the impact that direct lobbying by constituents has on our elected officials and regulators. Speaking from personal experience as well as from empirical studies, those people are wrong. Your willingness to participate in our lobbying efforts would have an important impact. And you would find it to be incredibly enriching to participate in our great democracy.”

Now We Need Your Help

It is important for our industry that we tell the story of promotional products to our elected officials. PPAI is asking you, our members, to hold meetings in your home state with your Member of Congress during the August recess. Together, we can help advocate the power of promotional products.

The process is easy. Let us be a partner in your legislative success.

Please click here for step-by-step information about setting up and attending a meeting. 

Once you have completed a meeting, use this feedback link to provide information and any action items from your visit.

PPAI staff is available to help you at any point in this process. Feel free to contact Seth, PPAI Government Relations Manager, at with any questions. 

Thank you for your commitment and dedication to legislative success in our industry.