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What’s New At LDW?

RAC Leadership Development Workshop 2013Recognizing a crossroads in the evolution of the 27 regional associations and the Regional Association Council, PPAI staff and the RAC Board of Directors approached 2013 with a renewed sense of purpose.

The RAC Board has diligently opened dialogues within the regional community so its council can focus on what the regional associations need most to be successful. The challenges are real, and hard work must be done now to ensure a strong future for these organizations.

At the 2013 Leadership Development Workshop (LDW), PPAI and RAC have pledged to give regional association leaders the tools, resources and networking opportunities they need to be successful in our changing business climate.

This year, RAC graduates from the membership-focused theme of RECRUIT! RETAIN! RESULTS! to a more comprehensive theme, Synergies For Success, which represents the partnership between PPAI, the RAC Board and the regional associations. This over-arching theme also allows for a more in-depth focus on the forces driving the regional association community.

Through Synergies For Success, we will reduce the number of tracks, simplify their focus and align them with PPAI’s industry-wide goals of growing the Visibility, Viability, Credibility and Community of the promotional products industry.

New, invigorating, interactive sessions and group consultations with subject-matter experts at this year’s LDW are designed to provide guidance and direction that meet the specific needs of the regional association leaders.

VIDEO: What's New At LDW 2013?

VIDEO: What’s New At LDW 2013?

Finally, LDW facilitators will be available to provide guidance to attendees as they create step-by-step action plans to define their respective regional associations’ specific goals to ensure ongoing, long-term success.

These are the kinds of dynamic cultural shifts that remind me just how energizing this work can be. I believe our PPAI Regional Relations team and the RAC Board when they tell me how energized and excited they are about the changes happening at LDW and what the changes will mean for our regional associations.

Looking forward to seeing you at LDW 2013.