2013 Board of Directors Election

As summer winds down and the kids head back to school, the PPAI Nominating Committee has been working hard to bring you highly-qualified candidates for the PPAI Board of Directors election.  In an evolving industry, it is important for members to take ownership in their association and vote for the candidates who best represent their interests.

The four nominees for election to the 2014 Board of Directors Class of 2018 are: distributor candidates Jon Levine, president of the Image Group (UPIC: IMAGEGRP), and Mary Jo Tomasini, CAS, CEO of CE Competitive Edge, LLC (UPIC: COMPEDG); and supplier candidates Rick Mouty, CEO of TSC Apparel (UPIC: TEES), and Bruce Perryman, MAS+, CEO of Embroidery Unlimited, Inc. (UPIC: EUINC).

Members who so generously volunteer to serve on the PPAI Board of Directors demonstrate a dedication and commitment that goes above all expectations. PPAI is fortunate to have such outstanding individuals willing to serve on behalf of their industry.

The PPAI board election is taking place now through October 4 and we will announce our newest board members—one supplier and one distributor—shortly thereafter.

To vote, each PPAI member company’s designated voter can visit the PPAI voter site and click on the “VOTE” button to learn more about the candidates and to cast their ballots.

I encourage every member company to make sure their designated voter participates in this election.  Together we can make a difference by shaping the future of your Association.

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