Delivering Confidence & Meeting Customer Expectations

A Special Message to PPAI Exhibitors, Advertisers, Sponsors

At The PPAI Expo 2014, held January 13-17, we introduced the Product Safety Awareness Program. Developed by the Product Responsibility Advisory Group (PRAG), the program is designed to foster an industry-wide commitment and a culture where companies like yours are not only aware of product safety but are also engaged in the discussion—a discussion we believe will lead to confidence across every level in our channel.

Over the past several years, PPAI has become a respected leader in the product safety arena. We began this journey by providing hundreds of industry companies with timely and relevant product safety education courses through our professional development programs. We’ve established relationships with product safety agencies. And, we’ve made it a priority. While we are proud of our efforts, we feel we’ve only taken the initial steps in tackling this complex issue. Now we are upping the ante.

The program requires every member company wanting to gain access to the PPAI marketplace (exhibiting at a PPAI event, advertising in a PPAI publication, and/or sponsoring PPAI in any way) – regardless of membership category – to designate a Product Safety Ambassador who must complete a minimum of 4 hours of product safety education no later than the start of Expo East 2015 in Atlantic City. It’s that simple.

For PPAI, this initiative is one important part of a larger Pathway to Confidence initiative that also focuses on creating awareness and promoting the PPAI Product Safety Awareness Programeffectiveness of promotional products. But most important, we want to help you by giving promotional products buyers confidence not only in the power of the medium but in its safety. You’ve heard our mantra before, Visibility, Viability, Credibility and Community. This is the next step – Commitment, Culture and Confidence. We cannot have one without the other. Our customers say so.

Obviously a topic of this magnitude has more detail, so I invite you to take a look at the Product Safety Aware Program FAQs. For more information, visit I strongly believe this program will make a strong and bold statement both to and on behalf of our membership and the industry.

Please contact me directly with questions or concerns at or call 972-258-3050.

I look forward to your continued support and participation.


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