PPAI Association Update ► Adding Value To Your Business Today & Tomorrow

PPAI Association Update

PPAI Association Update with PPAI’s Paul Bellantone & Tina Filipski and SAGE’s David Natinsky

This week I’m happy to be joined by Tina Filipski, PPAI’s director of publications, and David Natinsky, MAS, president of SAGE, PPAI’s Power of Two partner.

In this issue, we discuss PPAI Media’s new pollingpodcasts, and outstanding new publication, The Playbook To Restart Businesses. Clearly, they’ve been hard at work creating new tools for our membership. And of course, I talk with David about the recent SAGE Show Virtual, the first of its kind in our industry, and SAGE’s plan for more. Both guests share some valuable information that I hope you enjoy.

VIDEO UPDATE: https://ppai.us/33GPX9E

As we look ahead, the future may be a little uncertain, but rest assured, PPAI’s commitment to giving you the information and tools you need to succeed will not be.

Finally, for our friends down south facing severe weather, stay safe, and if your company is impacted, don’t forget about the Promotional Products Disaster Recovery Foundation (PPDRF), which aids businesses affected by federal disasters.

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