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Promotional Products Work! Week To Kick Off In The Pencil City

Promotional Products Work! Week, May 14-18, 2018

I am happy to share some exciting news about Promotional Products Work! Week. PPAI and Promotional Products Association Of The Mid-South, will kick off Promotional Products Work! Week on Friday, May 11, 2018 in Shelbyville, Tennessee, the town also known as “The Pencil City.”

Founded by PPAI, Promotional Products Work! Week will be celebrated by thousands of promotional products businesses around the country with special community programs, a national day of service, legislative outreach and customer appreciation and recognition events.

Shelbyville Tennessee City Seal

Shelbyville, Tennessee, also known as The Pencil City.

PPAI is honored to join with PPAMS to kick off the sixth annual Promotional Products Work! Week in The Pencil City. We applaud Shelbyville’s rich history and salute all the promotional products pioneers and companies in cities all over America.

This will be the official kickoff for our industry’s national awareness event, which will be held May 14-18. The kickoff event is organized by the Promotional Products Association of the Mid-South (PPAMS), Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) and the Shelbyville-Bedford County Chamber of Commerce. Local, state and national leaders will gather in Shelbyville for a factory tour, luncheon and official ribbon cutting to kick off Promotional Products Work! Week.

Musgrave pencil

For almost a century, Shelbyville was the hub of wood-cased pencil manufacturing in the United States.

For almost a century, Shelbyville was the hub of wood-cased pencil manufacturing in the United States. In 1991, the World’s Longest Pencil was produced in Shelbyville. Although only one pencil manufacturer remains, the city of 21,000 people is still home to familiar names in writing instruments: Goldstar, Musgrave, Sanford and Shelbyville Pencil.

Promotional products are proven to be one of the most effective media available to advertisers. Because promotional products are tangible, useful and highly targeted to the audience they reach, 79 percent of consumers retain them for one to more than four years, and 87 percent recall the advertiser/message, proving that they deliver the highest rate of reach, recall and return on investment in the advertising industry.

The $23.3 billion promotional products industry, with its more than 40,500 businesses—96 percent of which are small businesses—and more than 500,000 professionals, will work to create awareness for the value promotional products deliver to advertisers and marketers, as well as the positive impact promotional products businesses have on the U.S. economy, job creation and community enrichment.

Many of you already have the whole week planned out, but if you haven’t yet started, it’s not too late!

Celebrate The Power Of Promo

Download the PPW! Week with a POP! guides and toolkits today.

U.S. Marshals Service’s Use of Appropriated Funds to Purchase Promotional Items

Recently several national media outlets reported on the U.S. Marshals Service’s Use of Appropriated Funds to Purchase Promotional Items.

Below, in a letter to the media, we present the facts.

With regard to POLITICO’s news story published on November 5, 2013, about the U.S. Marshals Service’s Use of Appropriated Funds to Purchase Promotional Items, please allow me to present a different view on the efficacy of promotional products.

The promotional items deemed “not necessary,” according to the article, are anything but. In fact, points raised in the article are exactly why promotional products are one of the most effective, cost-efficient and longest-lasting media used by advertisers, marketers and the U.S. Marshals Service. Compared to other media, promotional products are the sixth fastest-growing advertising medium, ranking eighth among traditional and digital media in annual expenditures at $18.5 billion. The government report actually acknowledges this in its findings.

Anyone, including the U.S. government that has used promotional products knows why they will use them again. Promotional products are the only tangible advertising medium with the ability to deliver a sensory-level brand engagement experience as well as an 88-percent brand name recall and retention of one and up to four years among consumers.

Promotional products generate interest, action and loyalty—in short results. These results distinguish them as one of the most effective, longest-lasting and best-loved advertising media in the world. For more information: www.ppai.org/research.

I am happy to talk with you about the effectiveness of promotional products and the vibrant business community I represent. I can be reached at 972-258-3050 or by e-mail at PaulB@ppai.org.


Paul Bellantone, CAE


Once again, I must ask you to be ever watchful and vigilant in protecting the interests of the promotional products industry. Included below are steps you can take now and in the future when these types of reports occur:

  1. Immediately share the news with PPAI by emailing stories/reports to PR@ppai.org
  2. Keep an eye out for rumors and threats to the industry’s credibility–if you hear of something, let us know.
  3. Advocate! Stand up for the industry that has been so good to you and to all of us—defend its good name.
  4. And finally, know the facts. They are strongly in our favor. For more information visit, http://www.ppai.org/inside-ppai/research/