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A Message From PPAI – Health Care Reform—How to calculate hours worked by commissioned salespeople

Dear Colleagues,

It was good seeing so many of you at The PPAI Expo 2013 in Las Vegas.  I hope you found the industry’s premier event to be both enjoyable and productive.

As you all know, health care responsibilities for “large” employers are rapidly approaching in 2014. What you may not know is that the IRS is currently evaluating how to calculate hours worked by commissioned salespeople to determine if that employee is “full time” for the purposes of the health care reform law.  We received a number of questions about this topic during The Expo last week and asked that PPAI’s counsel outline the various options the IRS has identified to help you make that calculation. The information can be located here, PPAI COMMISSION ACTIVITY AND HEALTH CARE REFORM.

PPAI also has a “planning tool” that can also help you work through some of these issues.  It can be found at: http://www.ppai.org/inside-ppai/ppai-law/Pages/CheckUPResource.aspx

I hope you find this information helpful and, as always, let me know if there’s anything we can do to help you grow your business.