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“The PPAI Expo—the glue that holds the industry together.”

Special message from Paul Bellantone, CAE, PPAI President and CEO and Mary Jo Tomasini, MAS, PPAI Chair of the Board

‘The PPAI Expo—the glue that holds the industry together.’ That description, given by a PPAI member in 2016, was remembered after the tragic event in Las Vegas on October 1. The message we share now is the result of our reflection on The PPAI Expo and PPAI’s long-standing commitment to safety.

In response to the recent events in Las Vegas, we are speaking out today because we think it is important for you to know that Promotional Products Association International takes your safety seriously.

Since 1903, PPAI has focused on creating and maintaining a safe and secure meetings and events environment for our attendees, staff and exhibitors. At The PPAI Expo, and all of PPAI’s meetings and events, the safety of attendees and guests is and always will be of utmost importance. Our staff is thoroughly trained and prepared for each event. Strategic planning with each venue begins far in advance to develop and maintain safety protocols that allow high-quality and confident business opportunities in a safe and inviting environment.

All of this begins with a proactive and forward-thinking PPAI team.

In May, the PPAI Board of Directors, steered by industry leaders, resolved to reaffirm PPAI’s long-standing commitment to safety at live events. This resolution directs PPAI to continue to institute and execute policies and procedures designed to mitigate known or reasonably foreseeable risks to the health and safety of those who participate in PPAI live events, including through the continued employment and assignment of competent PPAI staff, the hiring of appropriate security personnel, and the execution of reasonable registration and admission processes.

As a member of the Exhibition and Meetings Safety and Security Initiative’s (EMSSI) Industry Security Council, we frequently collaborate with a large group of stakeholders who represent all aspects of the exhibition and convention center industry. Through this involvement, our team provides and receives important developments and ideas for an array of best practice safety guidelines and opportunities.

Our commitment to safety remains a priority. No individual, corporation, organization or government can anticipate or prevent every situation or scenario. However, PPAI remains committed to prepare and implement safety protocols designed to protect those who attend, exhibit, work, visit or participate in any PPAI live event.

PPAI has a strategic goal of transforming The PPAI Expo from great to extraordinary, and our commitment to safety is but one ever-present foundation that will advance that objective. We know how much you value this industry and The PPAI Expo, and we thank you in advance for your investment in both.

We value the trust you place in us when you attend our events. We look forward to seeing you in January at The PPAI Expo.


When Worlds Collide

Based on keynote speaker, Tony Hsieh’s “collision model” this year The PPAI Expo not only created community and co-learning, but an astounding 800,000+ collisions.

The PPAI Expo 2014 Marks 5-Year High  in Attendee and Exhibitor Numbers

The PPAI Expo 2014 Marks 5-Year High in Attendee and Exhibitor Numbers

For one week the promotional products industry comes together to launch their year, and this year they came out in force to gather industry insights and trends and set the stage for the year to come. Whether it is The PPAI Expo’s sheer size and quality or professional development and business-building opportunities, no other industry event provides this level of engagement and access to the promotional products market, its leaders, brands, new products, services and solutions.

This year, The PPAI Expo ranked 53rd among all U.S. trade shows on the Trade Show Executive Gold 100, but it is clear The PPAI Expo is the number one trade show in our industry and 2014 was personally my favorite so far.

The PPAI Expo 2014 generated growth in both attendee and exhibitor participation. At more than a million square feet of exhibition and education space, The PPAI Expo is the largest single gathering of suppliers, decorators, technology providers and distributors in the industry dedicated to showcasing new, green and Made in America products, decorating technology, motivational strategies, professional development and leadership and global access to the promotional products marketplace.

I am pleased to report The PPAI Expo 2014 attracted a five-year high of more than 11,500 attendees from all 50 states, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and 34 countries, representing our fourth consecutive year of growth. Professional development and education session attendance also experienced significant increases. In fact, Zappos.com CEO, Tony Hsieh’s general session had one of the largest crowds ever measured with an overflow attendance of more than double the previous year.

This year, significant growth was generated through an increase in promotional products suppliers, decorators and distributors, as well as the co-location of the Recognition Professionals International conference with PPAI’s brand. pavilion. With the additional growth, exhibit and education space totaled more than 1,100,000 square feet, with more than 1,400 exhibiting companies in more than 3,250 booths.

We hosted more than 120 professional development and certification sessions drawing standing-room-only attendance to education tracks highlighting business management, product responsibility, marketing, sales and service and technology.

With guidance from the Association’s Product Responsibility Advisory Group, industry committees and advisory groups, PPAI launched ‘Product Safety Aware’, a program designed to enhance an industry-wide commitment and culture where companies are not only aware of product safety but are leading the discussion at every level in the promotional products channel.

The general session and keynote line-up included remarks from Zappos.com CEO, Tony Hsieh, The Mark of a Leader’s CEO & Chief Storyteller Doug Keeley;  Valorie Burton discussed how to be better, not bitter; and our industry’s own, Mark Graham of RIGHTSLEEVE and Bobby Lehew of Robyn Promotions who walked the audience through the three important models to consider in business and how to market a business to not merely survive turbulent times but to stay alive and thrive.

We recognized more than 160 companies and individuals with Suppliers Achievement, Pyramid, Image, Technology and Supplier Star awards and during the PPAI Chairman’s Leadership Dinner we gave special honors to Don Lafferre as the 2014 PPAI Hall of Fame inductee, Mike Schenker, MAS, as the recipient of the 2014 PPAI Distinguished Service Award and Peter Geiger as the recipient of the 2014 H. Ted Olson Humanitarian Award.

For the last two years I have talked to anyone that would listen about PPAI’s goal of delivering industry Visibility, Viability, Credibility and Community—we now add Commitment, Culture and Confidence to our pledge of industry advocacy. This philosophy was exemplified through Tony Hsieh’s inspirational keynote address where he explained the Zappos model of creating community, co-learning and collisions. Attendees were excited to hear how Zappos.com builds business by accelerating collisions between co-workers and their communities through organic growth generated as a result of strategic design, location and traffic flow—promoting interaction, collaboration and commerce.

Based on the Zappos.com model, The PPAI Expo week generated more than 800,000 collisions in over a million square feet at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas!

Looking Forward To This Year And The Next

Next year, The PPAI Expo 2015 will be held Sunday through Thursday, January 11-15, 2015, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas; the SAGE Show will take place, April 23-25, 2014, in Fort Worth, Texas and Expo East will be held May 19-21, 2014, in Atlantic City, New Jersey. For more information, visit The PPAI Expo, SAGE Show and EXPO East.

I hope to see you at one or all of the upcoming events!


Under The Big Top!

Irvin Feld built an iconic entertainment enterprise in Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus by elevating the consumer’s experience and putting a big show under one tent. And so, too, has PPAI.

In a few short months, The PPAI Expo will bring together – under one roof – nearly 1,400 suppliers presenting hundreds of thousands of products, and tens of thousands of industry professionals.  These energized and motivated industry professionals will take part in face-to-face networking, awards and recognition, more than one hundred hours of professional development and so much more—all in nearly a million square feet of exhibition space at The Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. The PPAI Expo, January 14-18, 2013,  really has it all under one big top. If you haven’t registered for The PPAI Expo yet, here’s the link.

Speaking of tops, I am pleased to announce The PPAI Expo has once again been ranked in the Top 50 U.S. tradeshows by Trade Show Executive’s Gold 100. I hope you have a chance to read about your industry tradeshow’s latest achievement.

As always, I thank you for your support of PPAI and hope you’ll let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you grow your business.

See you at The PPAI Expo 2013!



The PPAI Expo Ranked As 47th Largest Show

In 2012 Trade Show Executive Gold 100

Promotional Products Association International announced The PPAI Expo, North America’s largest international promotional products tradeshow, ranks 47th on the 2012 Trade Show Executive magazine’s list of the Gold 100.  The rankings, published in the October special issue of TSE, are based on a three-part, same-show comparison including show size, growth and attendance as well as innovation, social media practices, green initiatives, global participation and economic impact.The PPAI Expo has been ranked in the Top 50 of the Gold 100 since the ranker’s inception in 2007.

“Comprehensive market access and the highest quality tradeshow experience are vitally important to the mission and values of PPAI as an international trade association, and they are essential to the success of our industry in delivering proven promotional products marketing and communications strategies to buyers around the world,” said Paul Bellantone, CAE, PPAI president and CEO.

North America’s largest international promotional products tradeshow at a million-plus square feet, The PPAI Expo was held January 10-14, 2011, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The PPAI Expo brought 11,718 distributors under one roof for the five-day event and featured more than 1,447 exhibiting companies occupying 330,600 net square feet of exhibit space at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. With a total of more than 20,315 participants the overall non-gaming economic impact of The PPAI Expo 2011 was estimated at more than $19 million by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.

“We are very proud of our long-standing commitment to producing a Top 50 tradeshow. It is very gratifying for The PPAI Expo to be recognized by Trade Show Executive magazine as a 2012 Gold 100 tradeshow,” said Darel Cook, PPAI director of expositions. “I believe the size of The PPAI Expo is a direct outcome of our focus on producing the most valuable tradeshow for our members and industry. Being ranked the best tradeshow in the promotional products industry, year after year, has been and will always be our primary motivator. That’s what makes us most proud.”

The shows held in 2011 that make up the fifth annual Trade Show Executive Gold 100 tallied a total of 42,458,142 net square feet (nsf), a increase from the 2010 events, which topped 39,192,000 nsf.

“The 100 tradeshows that make up the ‘Gold 100 Class of 2012’ made notable gains in exhibit space, exhibitors and attendees over the previous year, and outperformed TSE’s Composite Index of Trade Shows as well,” said Darlene Gudea, president of Trade Show Executive Media Group.

For more information about The PPAI Expo 2013 to be held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, January 14-18, 2013, visit www.expo.ppai.org.